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Moby (Mute)

Producer and Live engineer for Moby, John Pennington recently mixed 15 tracks at Inch that were recorded in the USA. The tracks have been released on iTunes and as forthcoming B-sides.

Diana Ross (EMI)

Session recordings featuring Tommy Emanuel, produced by Peter Asher took place at Inch studio, Manchester 2006.

Lilly Allen (EMI)

Drum recording sessions which featured on her debut album, recorded at the Manchester studio in 2006.

Johnny Marr (Parlophone)

Ex Smiths guitarist collaborated with Bernard Sumner of New Order to form "Electronic". Inch were commisioned by EMI to remix "Produgal Son" which featured Jimmy Goodwin of the "Doves". Inch later produced tracks with "Haven" and worked closely with Johnny on related releases.

Elbow (V2 Records) - "Asleep In The Back"

First draft master used to present to V2 securing them a major deal.

Mark E Smith & The Fall (EMI)

Inch collaborated with Mark E Smith and released a song called "Inch" which was signed to Parlophone in 1999. Inch were also involved in the Pete Waterman funded project called "D.O.S.E" which featured Mark E Smith. This led to the beginnings of producing the "Levitate" album.

I Am Kloot (Echo/Chrysalis) - "Second Album"

Some production and many parts of album put together and recorded at Inch. "Same Deep Water" was recorded here then completed with Ian Brody at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool.

Punjabi MC (PMC Records) - "Snake Charmer Promo"

Inch were commisioned to provide post production and animation for Punjabi MC's new album title track "Snake Charmer".

Bombastic - "Argonauts"

Interactive animated content produced for Welsh childrens dance & theatre company, directed by Sean Tuan Jean. The production, an adaption of the classic "Jason and the Argonauts" will be touring schools and theatres in late 2008/09.

Wu Lyf

We recorded pre production versions of 5 songs from their debut album, this was recorded completely as a live session in the studio including captures in A&B surround formats.

Manchester Museum Of Science & Industry

As part of a new exhibition aimed at children, we provided audio captures & sync for "Boggy The Bog Monster" & "Terry The Talking Toilet" the Victorian Sewage animatronics characters.

Travelling Band

Inch engaged with the band to complete the album "Screaming is Something", in the end we mixed & co-produced, also recorded some of the songs from scratch. Distributed by "Cooking Vinyl", this album is now available to listen to on Spotify.

Jim Henson's "Dinosaur Train"

The founder of Inch Facilities "Keir Stewart" was cast as the voice for "The Conductor & Additional Male Dinosaurs" in the hit kids show "Dinosaur Train". The show has run for 40 episodes so far & has aired on Nicelodeon Jnr UK during 2012


Keir Stewart played & recorded guitars for composer Ian Livingstone's piece to be used in conjunction with the launch of their new vehicle range.

The Smiths

Inch have restored multitrack archives of the first studio recordings featuring Morrissey & Marr previously destroyed in 1992 during a digital transfer. With Simon Wolstoncroft on drums. Songs include "Suffer" "Hand That Rocks The Cradle" "All I Want For My Birthday" & "Untitled Piano Piece"

J Majik & Wickaman

A collaboration with director Steve Glashier for the video "Save MY Life". Inch created audio tempo ramps & slow down templates for the video shoot & is available to watch on youtube.


UK based Bhangra artist for whom we've mixed & mastered various work, also shot & edited video "Come Closer" available on youtube.


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Hilton Hotel Group

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Cooperative Bank

Frames (Live Music DVD)

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