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Inch Studios cater for all audio projects, including the recording of live bands, solo artists, post production, mixdown and mastering.

Live Recording

From voice overs to bands, Inch Studios can record in the studio or on location.

Audio Mixing & Mastering

Mix in either the analogue or digital domain for perfect results. Inch Studios also facilitates broadcast compliant mastering for stereo, 5.1 and Dolby surround formats.

Dialogue Recording

We capture crystal clear dialogue, appropriate for audio post, either on location or in the studio itself.

5.1 surround mixing

Mix or master your 5.1 audio project for film, television, DVD/Blu Ray or games.

Tracklaying & Dubbing

Avid OMFI friendly project handling. We offer dub mixing, sound replacement, sound effects and dialogue alignment.

Bespoke Compositions

We compose tailor made music productions with either exclusive or non-exclusive licencing agreements.

Post Production

We provide a complete post production facility specialising in post production for film, television, also providing services for radio and new media based platforms such as web and computer gaming. Past clients include ITV, BBC, Discovery Networks, Nickelodeon Jnr, Channel 4, Channel 5.